Mark G. Lersch
 Spiritual Psychotherapist & Facilitator, MA LPC
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Live from your Essence
As a spiritual psychotherapist and facilitator I am here to support clients in their spiritual growth and maturation as souls. I create a safe environment in which to identify and release the blocks that prevent contact with our divine essence. As we experience more of who we really are, we heal the sense of loneliness, meaningless, powerlessness and fear that plagues us when we are identified with our ego. We can learn to increasingly anchor into our spiritual essence and respond to life from that uniquely creative divine core.

At the heart of all that is, man secretly senses this great "I Am" from which comes and to which returns all of life. Each being is called to realize in his own way this divine "I am" which seeks to express itself in modalities as varied and diverse as are all creatures of the universe.
-Karlfried Graf Duerckheim, German psychotherapist and spiritual teacher
Mark's Interview on the America Meditating Radio Show