Mark G. Lersch
 Spiritual Psychotherapist & Facilitator, MA LPC
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Mark has been my coach going on two years now, his assistance was invaluable in my successfully completing a year long writing project. He is currently assisting me with marketing a program. Mark's presence serves as a catalyst for focusing on solutions and moving forward, offering that extra "oomph." He is gifted at illuminating people's life purpose. He listens to what I am saying and able to read between the lines to hear the voice of the soul. His skills as a life and spiritual coach and as a therapist are wide ranging, working diligently to produce favorable results. Our collaboration is synergistic, allowing for what needs to happen to unfold. He trusts the collaborative process implicitly. I recommend him highly!
​Darcy (Sean) Clarke, Psychotherapist and Originator of "Living in Alignment" 
Mark and I met during an acute phase of my trauma recovery and I was not a nice person (to be generous!). I now understand, with his help, that I was operating completely out of my wounded self, but it was all I knew how to be for most of my life. Several years later I reconnected with him when I was at rock-bottom. Once again, my lifetime struggle with choosing life or suicide, God and Light or darkness, were major issues that I woke up to daily. Mark literally companioned me from the darkness into the Light. I will never forget that particular session when I made my commitment to Life and the image of me walking across a dark abyss into a light-filled space. Thoughts of suicide have dissolved for the first time in my life. He is now coaching me and my partner as we navigate the maze of triggers and as we learn to love ourselves and each other no matter if our wounded self or loving, beautiful core essence shows up for the day. It's the first time my partner is doing inner work and he looks forward to our sessions. What I treasure most is Mark's gentleness when I'm in my wounded self or when I tell him of a difficult wounded self interaction I had in-between sessions and his respecting my religious orientation. For years I was in therapy with professionals that could not relate to this important aspect of my life. Pure balm for my soul. I recommend working with Mark whole-heartedly and without any reservations. 
What clients are saying...
M.G., female, age 49
Mark is a brilliant couples therapist and is by far the best one we have ever worked with. (And we've been to plenty.) We finally feel like we have solid support to help us deal with anything that comes our way. His ability to listen deeply leaves each of us feeling so validated and understood that we can't help but appreciate what the other is going through- even in the midst of a heated conflict. In addition, he is absolutely masterful at helping us get to the heart of the issue in each session. Our first words after our sessions are almost always how fantastic Mark is and how grateful we are that we found him.
J.S. and R.S., Psychotherapist and RN
Mark is a truly exceptional therapist who has a rare ability to relate to my "humanity" while simultaneously calling me forward into a higher level of consciousness and connection with my own essence. Mark's own consciousness and loving presence are his greatest gifts--simply being in his energy field acts like a spiritual tuning fork. I have never experienced anyone with his depth of empathy and compassion; the profoundly safe space he holds enables me to face emotional material that was deeply unconscious prior to working with him. In my experience, what makes his work most unique and effective is that Mark reminds me, again, and again, that while I must turn toward my pain, it is Spirit, not me, that does the healing. And this, to me, is truly the essence of "spiritual psychology."
Julia P., Spiritual Life Coach, age 43