Mark G. Lersch
 Spiritual Psychotherapist & Facilitator, MA LPC
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The work I do with clients...
I support clients in their spiritual transformation and evolution as a soul. Rather than just focusing on better functioning or development of stronger ego, the work I do is about integrating our humanity with our divinity. 

We transform by centering in and living from our core essence, our embodied Soul. The solutions to life's problems come not from fixing anything, but rather from meeting challenges with love and then turning our focus towards what we wish to create. This is done in partnership with Spirit by facing our blocks and allowing our Soul to dissolve those unloving thoughts and inspire us to new heights!

My work is to create a space in which this transformation can happen. As I connect to clients, anchored in my Soul and attuned to Spirit, together we open into the field of unconditional love where we can see through false beliefs and then pivot our focus towards manifesting our heart's desires. This opens us to embodied inspiration, guidance and creativity!​
About me...
My approach to transformation and healing is influenced by my own personal journey. I have studied a variety of spiritual paths and approaches including: Law of Attraction (Abraham-Hicks), Bashar, Hara, Karlfried Graf Durckheim, Zen, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, ACIM, Law of One (Ra material) and numerous other Spiritual Wisdom traditions. 

I hold a second-degree black belt in Aikido, a non-violent martial art, which teaches how to find one’s own “center”, to extend “ki” (life force), and to blend one’s energy with opposing forces and redirect them in non-harmful ways. I have found the practice of Aikido informative in my transformational work and also helpful in applying spiritual principles in daily life.

I have an undergraduate degree in psychology, a graduate degree in international management, and a master's degree in counseling from a transpersonal psychology program. I have worked as a primary and group therapist at a residential trauma treatment center and served as the Clinical Manager of an Intensive Outpatient Program. I am also an approved affiliate and certified facilitator of Inner Bonding®.

I love facilitating the transformational process and witnessing as people live more from their Soul! What could be more exciting than learning we are not victims of this world, but rather that we are co-creators of it?
Colorado LPC # 5091